The air company Airmoldova is the leading air carrier on the civil market of the Republic of Moldova


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Easily find, book, buy air tickets

Online access for booking flights, buying tickets, check-in and other services

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The application content presents informative details of the following services:
booking and purchase of air tickets, check-in online, mobile boarding pass, advanced seat reservation,
baggage payment online, online timetable for inbound and outbound flights.

Client Services Type
Airmoldova DesignMobile DevelopmentWeb Development MobileWeb

Web development

Our UX Designers and software engineers have worked hard to bring to users of AirMoldova's website an effortless online buying experience, access for booking flights, buying tickets, check-in and other services.
Web development: Built from scratch on a custom PHP framework, implement flight search and booking API, online payment processing


Android & iOS App

SmartData's native, iOS and Android mobile apps provide on-demand information about flights, check-in online, booking and purchase of air tickets, advanced seat reservation, baggage payment online, keeping passengers informed and relaxed.



Our team of designers work to build innovative, highly creative, multi functional design that smoothly blend taste, aesthetics and technology.

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The results

To move AirMoldova onto mobile we first studied their existing approval process and user interface. By launching the new mobile application for smartphone, Air Moldova supports its passengers, offering this modern navigation online tool, usable actually everywhere there is a mobile Internet connection.

As well, by the application menu, passengers may check their booked flights on the basis of the surname and booking code, also they can check the flight on the selected routes or other function that may be executed on the company's website.

Tickets payment is performed online, being guaranteed the data security which has been sent over the mobile network. At the end of the booking process, passengers receive an e-mail confirming their travel and the online electronic ticket issued after payment confirmation. AirMoldova users love how straightforward and rapid it is.

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