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SmartData.Solutions is an industry leader in professional
website design, development, ecommerce and mobile integration,
essentially a one-stop shop offering a full range of solutions
for anyone looking to succeed in their online endeavors.

Web Development

SmartData.Solutions looks at the big picture, assessing your budget and goals for future growth.
From pre-built platforms to custom web application, we provide professional recommendations
along with seamless setup, configuration and customization.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Using the latest technologies, we can develop custom content management systems and databases that allow web editors to easily manage and update site content.

A key component for the future success of your web site is making sure your content is current and updated regularly. To help with this, SmartData offers packaged and custom web content management solutions that are adjusted to fit your project and budget.

Mobile responsive websites

SmartData can make sure your site looks great whatever gadget it's viewed on using modern best practises for mobile responsive design.

Designed this way the sites are easy to navigate on mobile devices. We put trust in our developers to build sites that not only look great on tablet and mobile devices but feel fast, sharp, easy and natural to use.

Ecommerce website development

SmartData can deliver the expertise, service and support to put you on the right track. We are focused on providing you with a platform that drives sales and increases efficiency.

Our experienced staff can develop customized e-commerce website to promote your brand effectively while bringing success as well as online sales. We create and implement throughout e-commerce solutions that are integrated with your business website perfectly.

Customized web builds

Our core competence is software development, so whatever type of site you need, SmartData can build it.

We can put together a professional team to suit the project and we can undertake technical design or we can build to your specifications. We’re specialist developers that can create any solution that you need from the ground up, to your specification, on budget, on time.

Site maintenance

SmartData provides fast, knowledgeable and friendly website maintenance services, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are. We’re here to help. Our website maintenance and support services provide you with reliable and affordable solutions.

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress


Our creative team approaches every design challenge with the user's experience and your brand
promise in mind. We believe that inspired design happens when the right skills spark
a vision that seamlessly connects your business objectives, brand, and user experience.

Exclusive and eye-catching Designs that inspire, engage and deliver results. As a leading web and mobile applications development agency we constantly research and implement the best practices of website design to ensure the innovative design concepts and layouts that will generate continued results.

If you are looking for a creative digital agency to take your business forward online then contact us. We’ll guide you through the exciting options available, recommended by our professional team here at SmartData

Website design

Before starting any website design project we will take the time to fully understand your business. We need to discover your brand, business model, objectives, products, services and most importantly your target markets which will allow us to create an exclusive, individual and bespoke concept.

We offer a wide variety of website design services, including: responsive web design; custom web design; graphic design services; corporate website design; static/dynamic website design etc…

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design is a service that incorporates much more than the website design, taking into account the requirements, desires and expectations of a business and its customers.

Research will form the basis of any design and development, so that when your website is complete, it will mean better conversion rates and make interacting with your business a pleasure.

E-Commerce Solutions

User Experience Design is a service that incorporates much more than the website design, taking into account the requirements, desires and expectations of a business and its customers. Research will form the basis of any design and development, so that when your website is complete, it will mean better conversion rates and make interacting with your business a pleasure.

For a professional e-commerce website design we take your product, the latest in design techniques and our vast experience - then fuse them into a solution that fits your business. Making your e-commerce website design responsive to mobile and tablet devices is crucial and will make significant improvements to your online sales and conversions.

Web-based and mobile apps design

Web-based applications design - online applications allow access to your custom functionality. We create a unique application design to attract new prospective clients, give value to existing clients, grow your audience, or improve your internal workflow.

Mobile applications design - we work closely with you to guarantee that your investment adds a clear value to your customers and a measurable outcome for you. SmartData designers can offer years of experience and insight to help create an amazing mobile app.

  • wireframing design Wireframing
  • User interface, (UI design) User interface
    (UI) design
  • User experience, (UX design) User experience
    (UX) design
  • Responsive Design Responsive

Mobile Development

To channelize the prowess of augmented reality in sports industry, hospitality and corporate
sectors we have created apps in Android, iOS and Windows platform that proved to be handy
in terms of enhancing the customer tenacity in restaurant chains, promoting games by driving
in sports enthusiasts and spicing up corporate conferences.

Native mobile app development

Mobile apps for iOS (Apple) iPhone and iPad devices and Android smartphones and tablets.

The purest way to deliver functionality for mobile users, access all device features and publish via the app store/Google Play. A native mobile app will give you the opportunity to put a rich functional application onto your customers’ devices, giving them the optimum experience and allowing you to communicate with them directly.

A native mobile app will be able to make reliable use of onboard capabilities such as camera, GPS, accelerometer and others. It will also allow you to communicate with your customers using push notifications for example to tell them about the latest news without starting your app.

Mobile web development

This is the most advantageous way to a dedicated mobile presence. SmartData can build you a mobile websites with a high level of mobile functionality, that will naturally run on any device with few additional considerations.

We put your site live on the web and it's immediately accessible to any device. No need to publish to an app store. This is a relatively inexpensive and simple solution to getting your functionality in front of customers on mobile devices.

Hybrid mobile app development

Acquire the benefits of mobile presence without the expense of developing a multi-platform native app. The only constraints of this approach are that access to the capabilities of the device, such as Camera, accelerometer, GPS etc may be limited and performance may be less than the analogous native app.

But, if your requirements aren’t too complex and budget is limited then a hybrid app may be the best way to choose. The app is handled exactly like a full native app, it is packaged up and distributed via the App Store and Google Play. We believe, hybrid mobile apps are a great choice if you want to realize an application into the app store with minimal initial investment, for example to test the market.

Mobile responsive web development

The most of your web visitors are viewing your site on their tablets and smartphones. SmartData can take your existing site and make it mobile responsive, minimising further investment design.

We advise that anyone projecting today a website or web application should think doing it with a “mobile-first” attitude, design primarily for mobile and then adjust for desktop users. The label “Mobile Responsive” relates to the adeptness of a website to adjust its presentation to best suit the device on which it is being viewed: smartphone, tablet and desktop or laptop PC devices.

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  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Wearables Development Wearables